14 April, 2011


Каравайка ( Plegadis falcinellus) - The bird family ibisovyh, living on fresh and brackish waters, marshes, water meadows and shallow waters across Australia.

The adult plumage glossy ibis dark brown with bronze and green tint, young birds on the head and neck white shading, which disappears with age, brown plumage and also without reflux. The length of adult glossy ibis 50 -60centimeters.

Glossy eats aquatic insects, leeches, earthworms and fish.



Loafs nest in colonies with other birds, e.g. with pelicans and Herons nests are located in dense thickets.  In masonry usually from 3 up to 6  greenish-blue eggs, who  incubate both parents. The chicks hatch after three weeks.,  in case of death of the clutch, the loaves make a second masonry. After the chicks stand on the wing, old and young birds form large flocks and roam within the nesting area.

Loons are widespread not only in Australia, they live in Eurasia, Africa and North America.

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