Polulapchaty Goose

10 February, 2011


Polulapchaty Goose ( Anseranas semipalmata) - The only species of the family unit waterfowl, living in the north-eastern coastal regions of Australia and Tasmania. Halo polulapchatogo goose habitat – river valleys and flood plains, where they live in colonies, often in the thousands of individuals. In food polulapchatyh geese are all sorts of water plants.

Sometimes polulapchatogo goose classified as a separate genus in the family Anatidae, but more likely, polulapchaty goose that has more to do with palamedeyami, as he shares with them some of the properties. These properties include relatively long legs, long neck and a very reduced flipper.

Though on the other hand, a wide beak   orange-yellow or red, transitioning from its founding in a teardrop with the age increasing gorbik, This is a typical duck sign.



Feathering on the neck of the goose classification, head, top of the feet and on the edges of the wings black, and besides these places all white, paws orange. Polulapchatogo feature goose is, that during the moult, Unlike other geese, he does not lose the ability to fly, as a goose do not immediately drop all the necessary flight feathers, molt is gradually.

Polulapchatye geese males reach a size in 90 cm, females are slightly smaller.
Usually the male forms a family community with its sister two females and they all participate in the construction of the nest, incubation and raising of offspring.

During the nesting and hatching of eggs begins in February and lasts until July, Each female lays in the nest,Up to eight white eggs, as a whole clutch can sometimes consist of a sixteen eggs.

Unlike many ducks, polulapchatye geese are very carefully to their offspring.

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