Gray-headed Grebe

8 March, 2011


Gray-headed Grebe (Poliocephalus poliocephalus) - One of the two types of bald grebes, family of birds pogankovyh, which can be found in all states of Australia and the island Tasmania.

Gray-headed Grebe inhabits salt and fresh water and feed on small aquatic arthropods, where she catches a deep diving into the water, well in low light searches for food on the water surface.



Gray-headed Grebe - a small and stocky bird, its length is 29-31 cm, and weighs about 250 gr. Plumage gray-headed grebes dark gray or white with a narrow black stripe on the back of the neck.
Males and females are gray-headed Grebe looks with each other do not differ, except for the beak dark with a light tip, which is slightly longer in males than in females.

Gray-haired grebes live huge flocks of 1000 before 10 000 individuals, a nest in colonies of up to 400 nests, constructing nests in shallow water among floating seaweed or reeds, to build nests using weeds and fallen branches.

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