Kingfisher, Giant, or laughing kukabara

18 March, 2011


Kingfisher, Giant, or laughing kukabara ( Dacelo novaeguineae / Dacelo gigas) - Type kukabar, living in forest areas Eastern Australia,on south-western Australia and on the island Tasmania.

There are two subspecies of the giant kingfisher, or laughing kukabary:

* Dacelo novaeguineae novaeguineae - собственно смеющаяся кукабара (Eastern Australia);
* Dacelo novaeguineae minor - малая смеющаяся кукабара (Cape York).

Zimorodok-giant – is a medium-sized bird of prey and solid build, its body length - 45-47 cm, span 65 cm, mass of birds around 500 G.



His head was a giant kingfisher large, with a long beak, colors in birds dominate off-white, gray and brown tones in contrast to other types of kukabar.

Zimorodok greatest pitaetsya in osnovnom presmыkayushtimisya, insects, presnovodnыmi rakoobraznыmi, and takzhe Lovitt melkih grыzunov and molodыh bir.

The giant kingfisher nests in areas with relatively cool and wet climate, arranging their nests in the hollows of eucalyptus.

The giant kingfisher bird territorial and seasonal flights not commit. Time reproduction occurs in August-September. Females with an interval of one day lay on the 2 before 4 pearly-white eggs, are incubated 24-26 days.




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