Light Hawk

21 Апрель, 2011


Svetlyj âstreb ( Accipiter novaehollandiae) - A bird of prey hawk family, inhabiting the rivers and forest edges in northern,  north-eastern,  Eastern and south-eastern coastal areas of Australia and the island Tasmania.

In light hawk wings are short round, long tail, eyes from reddish-orange to dark red, feet long. Plumage light gray on the head of a hawk, and on the back and top of the wing from the blue-gray to bluish-gray color, across the bottom of the white, only on the breast are subtle, dark transverse stripes, Hawk and legs white. length of the light hawk 44 до 55 сантиметров, Wingspan ranges from 70 до 100 сантиметров.cbeforemeters



Bright hawks feed on small and medium sized birds, first of all pigeons, cockatoo, parrots- and kuroobraznymi, and snakes, lizards, frogs and carrion is very rare. Females beat larger prey than smaller males, males reach only a light hawk 65 % growth in females.
Periods of light hawk nesting differ, depending on the habitat area, so in the south-eastern Australia lighter hawks nest from September to February, to the north from May to December. In light hawk nest in a relatively small diameter of approximately 50-60 centimeters and a height of approximately 35 centimeters, located at an altitude of 9 до 35 meters. Construction of the nest a couple of leads from 6 до 8 weeks, jack is usebeforepeatedly.

The female lays from 2 before 4 eggs and during the 31-34 days to hatch. The male brings food to the female and chicks, However, chicks fed only the female. Примерно через 3 weeks after the birth of young females involved in the search feed. Примерно через 6 weeks the young birds become indepAfter aboutanother 5-6 weeks.

Precise data on the number of light-hawk in the world do not, rough estimate of about 100 Thd. individuals,species as a whole is not classified as endangered.




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