Eastern reef heron

29 Март, 2011


Eastern reef heron ( Egretta sacred) - A bird of the family tsaplevyh, inhabiting Australia and the island Tasmania.

The body length of the eastern reef heron 57-67 inches,wingspan of 90 before 110 Centimeters, and weighs more than a bird 400 grams.

In the eastern reef heron gray plumage,yellowish and short legs, and on the chin, throat and a thin white stripe. The beak of the eastern reef heron brown, yellowish eyes, during the breeding season in the neck and back pain birds appear long and fancy feathers.



In the eastern reef egret a dimorphic, that is, there are two color options - dark (dark-gray plumage) and white (white feathers).
Eastern reef heron eats fish, Shellfish and crustaceans.

Reef herons nest in colonies throughout the year between the trees or in hollows of old trees. Birds build a nest of twigs and flowers, in the usual clutch of 2-3 eggs, involved in the hatching of eggs the female and male, incubation can be extended to 28 Days.


In Australia, eastern reef egret is protected by state and 1974 year.

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