Strzelecki Desert

12 May, 2010




Пустыня Стшелецкого (Strzelecki)Strzelecki Desert (Shooting) - Desert in the south-eastern Australia. The area of ​​the desert 1% area of ​​Australia. The desert is located in the northeast State of South Australia, north-west New South Wales and the extreme south-west Квинсленда,to the north-east of Lake Eyre and north of the Flinders Ranges. In the north-west passes into Simpson Desert.

Pass through the desert bed of seasonal rivers Strzelecki Creek and Yandama Creek, downstream rack-Cooper Creek and Dajamantina. On the northern edge of the desert settlements are Berdsvill, Kordillo-Downes, Gidgella and Innaminka, on the south side - Itadanna. In the north-western outskirts - a swamp Goyder Lagoon.

Desert was discovered by Europeans in 1845 and was named in honor of Paul Strzelecki (1797—1873), Polish researcher.

Sometimes in Russian sources,mistakenly, Strzelecki desert is a Desert Archer.




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