Ord River

16 April, 2010


Река Орд (Ord River)Ord (Ord River) - A river in the Australian state Western Australia.The river is Ord 320 km,source of the river at the foot of Mount Wells, which is part of the Albert Edward Range, near the town of Bedford Downs.
The river flows eastward through Purnululu National Park,and then takes a northerly course, flowing through the Lake Argyle,which is the largest reservoir of fresh water in Australia. After Kununarra of the river bed turns to the west,falling into the Gulf of Cambridge, the Timor Sea. River flows through the city of Lake Argyle, Кунунарра.

The river was first investigated in 1879 by explorer Alexander Forrest, who named it in honor of Harry's Horde, Governor of Western Australia 1877 on 1880 year.

In 1963 year on the river was built irrigation system (Ord River Irrigation Scheme), which was later expanded: including, in June 1972 was the opening of the dam Ord River (Ord River Dam),to maintain water levels in Lake Argyle.


At the present time in the region are grown sugar cane, peanuts, sorghum, sunflower, melon and vegetables. In addition, River hydropower development is, and the city Kununarra, Founded in 1967 was near one of the dams,is a regional and tourist center.



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