The River Torrens

13 Апрель, 2010



Река Торренс ( Torrens River)Torrens ( Torrens River) is the largest river of the plains of Adelaide, and it is this river has become a major factor in the location of Adelaide, because a significant part of the city fresh water is getting out of it.

Previously, the river often overflowed, which led to flooding, sometimes with disastrous consequences, causing considerable material damage. for watershed management in the Torrens system of dams was built, reservoirs and canals.

In the river contain a large number of fish including: carp, perch, trout, Piskarev. Many waterfowl, more 100 of, Heron, egrets, black swan, on the steep banks of the river inhabited by long-necked turtle.

The River Torrens is considered a symbol of Adelaide, it is crossed by many beautiful bridges, spread on the banks of all kinds of parks that hold all sorts of festivals and other public events.



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