Bearded agama

30 Сентябрь, 2011


Borodataâ agama ( Bearded Dragon) – lizard lives in the family agamovye arid and semi-deserts, dry forests and rocky terrain in the state Квинсленд, New South Wales, the north-west of the State Victoria, in the east of the state South Australia and south-east of the state N.T..

Bearded agama is ground floor and arboreal, anywhere, and not when staying at the seaside. Bearded agama got its name from the characteristic neck of the bag, which, in moments of danger, or flirting marriage getting blown up in a dark color which is dominated by yellow, gray or brown color.


Size of adult bearded agama reach 50-60 centimeters, body has a flattened shape elepsoydnuyu, tail length and a half times the length of the body Agamas. Scales in the form of prickly thorns on the body is a lizard rows, mostly on the sides, thereby increasing the apparent size of the body, due to the unusual structure of the scales, bearded agama has exotic and predatory species. Bearded agama head is triangular in shape and is framed thorns, on the sides of the hole are hearing.

In the event of a threat, bearded agama flattens its body, inflates «beard» and opens its mouth – such behavior is visually increases the size of Agamas and deters enemies.

Bearded agama is mainly predatory lifestyle, eating insects, small rodents and birds, in the diet of lizards in a much smaller proportion also includes plant food which is only 20% diet.

Become sexually mature at the bearded aagamy 2 year of life, is oviparous species. Females lay eggs in a hole depth of not less than 40 see the number of eggs per clutch on 9 to 25 pcs. Through 65-90 days the eggs hatch babies. The female lays in a season 2, approximately equal, masonry.



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