Chernovisochnaya giant lizard

12 May, 2011


Chernovisochnaya giant lizard (Tiliqua occipitalis) - Species of lizards of the genus sineyazykih skinks, dwell in the wilderness, semi-desert and scrub in West, South Australia, New South Wales, State Victoria and in the far south Northern Territory.

Chernovisochnaya giant lizard has a light brown or cream with broad dark horizontal stripes irregular coloration of the upper body,in the temporal area. from the eye to the neck,is a broad black band, tip of muzzle dark, forelimbs light, the upper side of the hind limbs black. Length chernovisochnoy giant lizard reaches 45 centimeters.

Lizard daily activity, at night she hides under stones, plant debris and in burrows.



Powered chernovisochnaya giant lizard, mostly small animals, such as insects and mollusks, but also takes in food fruits and berries. In rare cases, can feed on carrion.
Females give birth to 7.10 babies.

Chernovisochnaya giant lizard is under threat of extinction, due to destruction of habitats due to human activities, and predation by imported red foxes and domestic cats.
In Victoria, classified as a type of "close to the threat of extinction" (Near Threatened, NT), in New South Wales - "Threatened" (Threatened, T).




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