Common skink sineyazyky, тиликва

25 June, 2011


Common skink sineyazyky, тиликва ( Tiliqua scincoides) - Plate-tailed lizard of the family,dwell in the wilderness, semi, savannas and forests throughout Australia and nearby islands.

Type Tiliqua scincoides forms a three subspecies:
* East sineyazyky skink (Tiliqua scincoides scincoides) - Lives in South-Eastern Australia.
* North sineyazyky skink (Tiliqua scincoides intermediate) - Lives in Northern Australia.
* Iriansky sineyazyky skink (Tiliqua scincoides chimaerea) - Inhabits the islands of Indonesia.

Sineyazykie skinks, rather large lizard,length of some specimens can reach more than 60 см, but usually do not exceed 45-50 см.cm



Sineyazykie skinks are diurnal. They are capable of enduring a temperature rise to 40,5 °C, but in spite of this, in the hot hiding in shelters, as a refuge from the burrows of other animals, hollow trunks and cracks in the soil.

We sineyazykih skinks long and wide trunk covered with large smooth scales, large and massive head with powerful jaws,short five-fingered limbs, short and thick tail, its length is about 60 % body length.

Colouring sineyazykih skinks in different subspecies by.
In nature sineyazyky skink eats mostly plant foods, but can hunt small animals and.

In nature, mating takes place in September and November. . Pregnancy lasts about 4 Months, after which the female gives birth to 25 pups. At birth, pups reach a length of 13-14 cm and weigh 10-20 g. Young skinks grow very quickly and in a cage in the 8 months can reach lengths 50 cm.

Due to large size, unusual appearance and calm nature sineyazykie skinks are among the most popular lizards, contained in terrariums. The most common in captivity include the northern subspecies of skink sineyazykogo - Tiliqua scincoides intermedia.




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