Plaschenosnaya lizard

21 May, 2011


Plaschenosnaya lizard ( Chlamydosaurus kingii) - Lizard of the family agamovyh, live in forests and forest-steppes in the north-western Australia.

Length frilled lizard is from 80 before 100 Centimeters, females are much smaller than males. Coloring from yellow-brown to black-brown. Is distinguished by its long tail, a two-thirds the length of the body frilled lizard. Frilled lizard has strong limbs and sharp claws. However, the most notable feature - a large vorotnikoobraznaya skinfold, located around the head and close to the body, masonry contains numerous blood vessels. In case of danger, frilled lizard opens its mouth and bulging his brightly colored collar, which is supported by elongated jaw bones. In addition stands on his hind legs, produces a hissing sound and beats its tail on the ground.



Thus it manages to seem bigger and more dangerous, than it is. To enhance the effect frilled lizard is at opportunities in the high place. The collar may be spaced from the body no more than 30 cm. When fleeing from it also gets up and running on their hind legs, while using its tail to stabilize, in most cases it runs to the nearest tree. Frilled lizard live alone mostly in trees, production is also looking at the trees.
Frilled lizard hunts insects, Spiders, small mammals and other lizards. He likes to eat bird eggs.

Another purpose is to adjust the collar protruding body temperature. Lizard morning sunlight catches them, and if overheated it helps cool lizard. It also plays an important role in privlekanii females and fight with rivals.

Male calls a female to have sex with a nod. If it is ready, male gets on her back and bites her neck to, so as not to slide. After successful mating, the female digs from 8 before 14 raw eggs in a hole in the sand. After about ten weeks hatched offspring.

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