Colorful lizard

21 May, 2011


Colorful lizard ( Varanus varius) - Species of lizards of the family of lizards, living on the coasts and adjacent plains in East and Southeast parts of Australia.

Variegated lizard reaches a length on average - about 1,5 m, but there are individuals reaching lengths of more 2 Metres away.



Stained dark spotted lizard, blue and black with white scattered mnogochislennymii, yellow or cream-colored spots.

Colorful lizard – wood animal, preys mainly on trees, the diet consists of insects, Reptiles, small mammals, chicks, sometimes feed on carrion. In case of danger and colorful lizard hiding in the trees.

Colorful lizard oviparous, females lay eggs in moist soil, plant debris, in holes, hollow trees or termite mounds.




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