Crying or fierce snake

16 May, 2011


Crying or fierce snake (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) - Snake inhabit the dry plains and deserts in central Australia,in New South Wales and Northern Territory.

Crying or fierce snake- it is the only snake in Australia, which changes color depending on the time of year,summer color snakes are much lighter than in winter, and changing from dark brown to straw color. The length of the snake reaches 1,9 m.

Cruel or fierce snake - the most venomous land snakes of. From one snake, on the average,receive 44 mg of venom - this dose is sufficient, to kill 100 persons or 250 000 mice. With LD50 dose of the mean 0,01 mg / kg, about its venom 180 times stronger than cobra venom.



The fierce snake,not aggressive and bites all documented cases were the result of careless handling of it, this snake is constantly hiding in cracks and fractures of the soil, because of what it ochentrudno discover.

Fierce snake eats small mammals. Females, in deep crevices or in abandoned burrows, lay by 12 before 20 Egg incubation period which lasts 66 days.

Currently, the fierce snake do not know many, the snake has not been studied.




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