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16 Май, 2011


Coastal Taipan Taipan or (Oxyuranus)(Oxyuranus scutellatus) - Kind of a very poisonous snake family asps, living on the coast North and North-Eastern Australia.

Or Coastal Taipan Taipan is ranked third in the world in virulence, Taipan but not only the most venomous snake in Australia, but also the largest reach a length of up to 3,5 Metres away. Izgotovleniya antidote to k yadu Taipan ( 1955 G.) by ukusa эtih dragon died in Beaulieu Cem 90 % sluchaev. Even in these days Queensland State, where taypanы vstrechayutsya chashte vsego, Statistics, kazhdыy vtoroy ukushennыy umiraet.

Clots have poisonous teeth long reach 13 mm. poisonous glands contain up to 400 mg of venom, an average of about 120 mg. MS Taipan bite can cause a person to death for 4-12 Hours, when bitten by other venomous snakes man, still lives about a day.



MS Taipan venom has primarily neurotoxic (blocking muscle contractions, that causes paralysis of the respiratory muscles) and koagulopaticheskoe (violates clotting) action.

Taipan is very aggressive and fast, at the sight of danger raises his head, and lightning strikes the opponent multiple times.
Okras Tajpan light or dark-koričnevyj,Goals glowing, belly white or yellowish. Leads predominantly diurnal. It feeds on frogs and small mammals.

Because of the large size, aggressive nature and rate of Taipan is considered the most dangerous of all poisonous snakes in the world, taste and Tajpan fierce snakes considered the most dangerous of all modern snakes.


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