Sineyazykie skinks, giant lizards or smooth tilikvy

19 May, 2011


Sineyazykie skinks, giant lizards or smooth tilikvy ( Tiliqua) - Kind of plate-tailed lizards of the family, live from deserts to rainforests throughout Australia and Tasmania.

Sineyazykie skinks are full-time, ground-based lifestyle, adhere to the single life, highly territorial and aggressive to other individuals of its species.

Sineyazykie skinks - lizards large and medium-sized, reaching lengths of 30-50 inches, with a broad and powerful body fat, a very short limbs and a large triangular head high. The tail skink sineyazykogo, usually short or medium length, Scales of body large,shiny and smooth. skinks have a secondary palate, blunt teeth, characteristic of the genus is the broad language of the cobalt-blue color.

The most minor member of the genus, sineyazyky dwarf skink (T. adelaidensis), reaches a length of only about 10 см, the largest - the northern subspecies of the ordinary sineyazykogo skink (T. intermediate scincoides), grow up 76 см.cmT
Sineyazykie skinks are omnivorous, their diet consists of fruits, leaves of plants and flowers, but the skinks may also prey on insects and other invertebrates, in a variety of snails eat, willing to eat mushrooms, birds' eggs, carrion, and even food waste in the suburbs. Large adults may eat small vertebrates: small rodents and lizards.
Mating takes place in sineyazykih skinks in September-November, while lizards may mate with the same partner for several years. That monogamy is particularly true for the short-tailed skink, in which the male and female live near each other in the same area and merged about two months during the breeding season. Pairs of lizards can be "faithful" for more than 10 Years.



Sineyazykie viviparous skinks, Pregnancy lasts for 3-5 months, births occur in December and April. The litter can be from 1-2 (a short-tailed skink) 20-25 (in the common skink sineyazykogo) pups. Cubs Large, short-tailed skink especially.
Sineyazykie skinks play an important role in the culture, Mythology, traditional medicine and nutrition Australian Aborigines.

Due to the large size, phlegmatic, and peace-loving nature combined with the relative ease in the content tilikvy became popular terrarium animals.

From enemies sineyazykogo skinks marked birds of prey, wild dingo dogs,Cats and snakes.

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