Dark lizard

17 May, 2011


Dark lizard ( Varanus glebopalma) - Species of lizards of the family of lizards, inhabits the rocky terrain in the Western Australia, in Queensland State and Northern Territory. The dark lizard is common in many areas of Australia, but it is quite rare, because he is very shy and secretive lifestyle is.

Dark lizard reaches a length of up to 1 m, and tail length is a quarter the length of the monitor lizard.

Stained dark lizard is different and depends on the monitor lizard habitat. The upper side of the monitor lizard is usually black in color with beige mesh pattern. Chest and belly are white, with transverse stripes of reddish-brown color. The tail and legs below creamy-yellow.
The soles are round, brilliant, dark-brown, scaly pads, monitors that help when you walk on the rocks. Scales in most parts of the body small lizard and smooth. The nostrils open laterally, located closer to the end of the muzzle. Around the middle of the body are rows of scales 130-170. The tail is round, Scales of the tail is smooth and has small ribs.




Dark lizards feed mainly on lizards, frogs, small vertebrates, insects, spiders and centipedes.
Reproduction occurs at the end of the dry season and early wet, females lay about 5 eggs.




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