Green python, tree python

15 Август, 2011


Green tree python or python (Morelia viridis) - Type orthorhombic pythons family lozhnonogie, living in the forests in the Cape York Peninsula, the north Stata Queensland.

Young tree pythons are yellow or red - they live outside the rainforest, where the yellow and red skin helps them blend in with leaves and grass, the length of the young tree pythons 150 before 180 A year later, see,tree pythons change color to green and raised in the forest canopy, which helps to merge with the color of the foliage, At that time a tree reaches a meter-long python.



Young specimens of wood snake hunt mostly by day, meter and larger males - at night,and adult females of their time hunting day. Food for young individuals are insects and lizards, adults - small birds and rodents.

Woody python – oviparous species,After mating, the female lays from 5 before 35 eggs. The female is laying around 45-65 days, twists around the eggs and at the expense of muscle contraction can increase body temperature at 8 ° C and increases the temperature up to 29,5 °C. If the temperature rises above, it weakens the loop and allows the eggs to cool slightly.

Woody python - one of the few snakes, which local residents are not afraid, t. to. They are not poisonous and is not aggressive. The life span of wood from a python in captivity 15 before 20 Years.

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