Rogozub or barramundi

5 Декабрь, 2011


Rogozub, or barramundi ( Neoceratodus forsteri) - Lungfish inhabit the lakes, reservoirs and rivers in the Burnett and Mary Квинсленде on the North-east Australia.

Rogozub, or barramundi – it is a big fish up to 175 cm and weighing up to 10 kg. The body is massive rogozuba, laterally compressed, with very large scales. rogozuba monochrome coloring of reddish-brown, to bluish-gray, some more light on the sides, and the belly of the white-silver to light yellow.



Queensland Lungfish inhabit rivers with slow passage, preferring plots, overgrown with aquatic vegetation. In addition to respiratory gills, every 40- 50 minutes cerodon rises to the surface of the, to zaglotnut air, vystavlja the tip of his head above the water surface and throwing out the air from the lung, This is a typical stonushhe-grunting sound. And exhale, and breath cerodon produce through the nostrils, When the jaws tightly closed, fish. In times of drought, when list of rivers of Australia dry and shallow, rogozuby experiencing this time in the pits with preserved water.

Queensland Lungfish leads a sedentary lifestyle and spends most of the time lying on the bottom of the. It feeds on various invertebrates rogozub.

Rogozuba spawning period is prolonged, from April to November,Peak spawning reaches in September-October, with the onset of the rainy season. Rogozub lays eggs mainly on aquatic vegetation, showing no further brood care. Large eggs, diameter of 6.5-7.0 mm, enveloped in a gelatinous sheath, which makes them similar to the frog eggs.

Rogozuba meat eaten, it is reddish in color and very much appreciated by local residents and Aboriginal.Currently rogozub is protected and fishing is prohibited.

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