Ordinary gray shark

7 December, 2011


Ordinary gray shark (Glyphis glyphis) - A very rare and little-studied species of the family of gray sharks, found in fast-moving muddy waters, in the rivers of northern Australia,in Квинсленде and State of Northern Territory.Common gray shark can be found in rivers Uenlok, Dasi, Bizant, Normanbi, Hey, Embla, and in the rivers Adelaide and Ord in Western Australia.

As the name – common gray shark gray color reaching up to 2.5-3 meters in length, short and broad head and very small eyes, relatively large second dorsal fin, and on each of the pectoral fins in the tip of the black spot.

Ordinary gray shark different structure of their teeth, so the upper jaw teeth large, triangular and serrated edge across, and on the lower jaw - the narrow, Similar to spearhead, gear only at the very top.



Usually, The older gray shark, the closer to the sea it lives, average depth of navigation - 7,7 Metres away, midway between the bottom and the surface. Young and young gray sharks live only in waters with fast tidal currents and muddy bottoms.

Ordinary gray shark great hunt and fish feeds, shrimps and crustaceans.

Gray sharks are viviparous: embryo, exhausted their yolk sac, turns it into the placenta to be connected to the mother's body. Akulyata born in October-December, near the end of the dry season. At the birth of their length 50-59 cm, grow by about 19 cm per year.

This is a very rare species of sharks, The world no more 2500 adult gray shark, in each river, obviously, no more than 250. For a man this kind of gray sharks is not a threat.

Grey sharks are suffering from habitat destruction, fishing nets and fishing for sport fishing, classified as a species is in danger.




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