28 Ноябрь, 2011


Ragman - sea fish families needle, is found on coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, surrounding South Australia and the island of Tasmania.
Picker is remarkable, that all of his body and head are covered with spines, simulating algal thallus. Appendages like fins rag-picker, but at sea they do not participate, and serve to camouflage protection from enemies and hunting.

Picker slowly floats,with length 35 centimeters its maximum speed - up 150 meters per hour,picker moves through small thoracic and dorsal fins, that swaying of times per minute, giving the illusion of floating seaweed.

Picker feeds on plankton, shrimps and algae, picker with no teeth swallow food whole.



Females lay up to the rag-picker 120 ruby-red berries, which are then fertilized and attached in a special place under the tail of the male. During pregnancy, the couple every morning close to each other and put on something like a dance of love to change the color of the skin in the direction of more vibrant hues. It takes 4-8 weeks, and there are generations of small rag-pickers (replicas of adults). Young animals after birth completely on his own. Only 5 percent of infants become adults 2-year olds, those that remain in the field, where they were born.


Ragman – very «respected» Fish Australia, picker - the official emblem of the State of South Australia.

Decorated with the image of the rag-picker and coins, so Mint Perth issued a second series of coin silver coins "Australian marine life - reefs". On the coin denominations 50 Australian cents trjapichnika image adorns the reverse, on the obverse is a portrait of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, coins minted from silver   999 sample.

In the moment, mainly due to industrial emissions, leafy Seadragon is threatened by destruction and taken under the protection of the Government of Australia.




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