Classification of languages ​​Australian Aborigines




The classification is based on the works of Nick Evans and his colleagues, identifying the main gaps to other classifications.

Классификация языков аборигенов Австралии* Nyulnyulskaya family (Nyulnyulan) (8 languages ​​in the two branches)

* Vororskaya (Wororan) (7-12 languages ​​in the three branches of) , consisting of three independent families: Worrora, И Ungarinjin Wunambal]

* Punupskaya (Bunuban) (2 language in the two branches)

* Tyarrakskaya (Jarrakan / Djeragan) (3-5 languages ​​in the two branches)

* Йиррамская (tyamyntyunhskaya; Yirram; 2-4 Languages)

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Geographical classification of languages ​​of the Australian Aborigines

In addition to the division of nations and tribes, Australian Aborigines for language families and groups as they are usually divided according to geographical location:

Карта языков аборигенов АвстралииNorthwest


Great Desert

Lake Erie

Spencer Gulf

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Australian Aborigines – the oldest culture on earth

Aboriginals of Australia, scientists believe, appeared on the continent at least 50 000 years ago. process of settlement occurred during the last Ice Age of the South – East Asia. Aborigines, united in 300 clans spoke 250 languages ​​and 700 dialects's (Now it remains 145 languages, of which 110 are considered endangered).

Each clan had a spiritual connection with a certain area of ​​land occupied by. However, they are actively moving and traveling to engage in an exchange, search of water, new sources of food and performance of rituals.

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