Short Weekend in Victoria: go along the route of Ned Kelly, Part 2


Beveridge Farm, Victoria, Ned Kelly's homeland.



Next, move to Evroa / Euroa, The scene of Kelly's most daring gang robbery. There's a bank in town., who was here and in 1878 Year, and who was robbed on q 2000 Gang, it became the first in a chain of further similar robberies in the area. Read the rest of this entry »

This is also interesting:



Выходные в Виктории: Travel along the route of Ned Kelly

Rustic charm Benalla, Victoria.

Once in Australia, Victoria, you are as if catapulted back in time into the ground with a remarkable history, lush scenery and the beauty of the coast. These Victorian vacation you'll never forget. Read the rest of this entry »

Best budget hotel Australia: Sydney Harbour Ja, Part 2

Sydney Harbour Ja / Sydney Harbour YHA, Sydney, Australia.

Ya in Sydney Harbour / Sydney Harbour YHA: Enjoy five-star views from the beautifully situated hostel in Sydney.

The second Australian hotel, for the first time in history in the list of the world's best version «Odninokoj Planet» became the Sydney Harbour Ja / Sydney Harbour YHA. He took second place in the category «budget but quality hotel».

Location, view, price, history, Friendly staff? It's hard to say for sure, that makes it one of the best hostels in the world, So, It is probably correct to say all. Read the rest of this entry »

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