Секретные кемпинги Австралии


Secret Bay looks pretty cool. Photos: Paul Arps. Source: Flickr.



You can split their camp under the stars or beat a pillow over inflatable double bed, but, Nevertheless,, You should enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »




ТОП 10 мест отдыха в Австралии по версии ТрипАдвайзер: Чесснок побеждает Голд Кост

Gold Coast Gold Coast … couldn't even make it to the Top 10. Photos: The Daily Telegraph.

Executive Director Council of Tourism Resort Gold Coast, Martin Winther found this rating insult. Read the rest of this entry »

The world like Australia's Tourism page Instagramm, Part 2

Ужин на закате во время круиза по реке Кэтрин, Австралия.

Page Instargamm Tourism in Australia with a picture of dinner at sunset during River Cruise Katherine received more 26000 likes.

In a recent survey of more than 1300 followers page Instargamm Tourism in Australia, 69 per cent of Australian respondents said, that they believe Read the rest of this entry »

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