Hotel in Australia was named the best in the world


Бутик-отель Saffire Freycinet сверху похож на рыбу. Тасмания.

Top Hotel Saffire is similar to fish, floating in the National Park.

The world's best boutique hotel in Australia.



Located on the Australian island of Tasmania, The Saffire Freycinet hotel was named best Read the rest of this entry »

This is also interesting:



Министры образования согласны с графиком внедрения онлайн тестирования NAPLAN

Школьник сдает экзамен NAPLAN онлайн.

Breakthrough ... The Ministers of education of Australia reached an agreement to move towards online testing program on NAPLAN.

Australian Federal Ministers of education, as well as individual States and territories of the country, 31 October agreed on the need for the introduction of interactive online testing within the framework of the national programme on assessment skills and numeracy (NAPLAN). Read the rest of this entry »

10 самых прекрасных австралийских отелей

Хейман Айленд.

Exclusive and very private "One and Only" (One & Only)» Heyman Island.

Perhaps, you will need a seaplane, Boat or all-terrain vehicle 4WD for, to get to these hotels, but it's totally worth it.. Booking website Read the rest of this entry »

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