100 лучших мест для отдыха в Австралии


Kimberley cruise vacation is no. 1 Australia, in accordance with the list of the magazine "Australian traveller".

Australian magazine for travelers "Australian Traveller" published a list of 100 лучших мест для отдыха в Австралии.



Think about that, where to spend your next holiday, take a cruise or spend it on the Lake with , and perhaps tour the great Australian Road to the famous 12 The Apostles? Read the rest of this entry »




Правда о том, насколько безопасно летать

Насколько безопасно летать? Это вопрос у всех на устах прямо сейчас, especially in light of the disappearance of the aircraft of Malaysian Airlines MH370. So: насколько безопасно летать? The following are the latest statistics of the airlines, you just have to know. Read the rest of this entry »

Sand dunes and salt lakes South Australia

Your adventure starts here.

Get off the beaten track, enjoy absolute solitude and taste the adventure, like nowhere else! But you need to plan your trip in advance.. Explore the remote country of Flinders, in which there are often extreme weather conditions. Read the rest of this entry »

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