‘The Great Barrier Reef’

Tangalumskaja Bay Wrecks is part of the great barrier reef, ч3


Тангалумская Бухта Затонувших Кораблей
Tangalumskaja Bay Wrecks / Tangalooma Wrecks – a unique part of Moreton island. Фото: Tangalooma Island Resort



Best, that I was able to do three days in Tangalume was snorkeling places dramatic shipwrecks. Read the rest of this entry »




Большой Барьерный риф в Австралии назвали лучшим местом в мире для посещения

The best place on Earth? The great barrier reef is ranked No. 1 among the best places in the world to visit. Фото: Stewart, Ireland

В столь сложный для Большого Барьерного рифа момент, When he was going through tough times, the world's largest living organism was voted the best place in the world to visit influential tourist site from United States. Read the rest of this entry »

Пять лучших удаленных ресторанов в Австралии: «Ню Ню» – Палм-Коув, Квинсленд, Part 3

Ресторан «Нюню» в Палм Коув, Квинсленд.

In the restaurant "Nunu" in Palm Cove, sitting on the edge of the ocean, You captures the magic of the reef.

3. «Ню Ню» – Палм-Коув, Квинсленд


When it comes to Queensland, There is one main attraction, which leads tourists: The Great Barrier Reef Read the rest of this entry »

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