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Featured in Vollongone: Dinner overlooking the harbour at sunset, Part 3


Воллонгонгская гавань на закате.

The harbor at sunset-a wonderful view from the restaurant Bombore.



Watch returned to harbor the fishing vessel Vollongongskuju and its unloading, in this sleepy place such moments are event, and it is also unmistakable way to raise your appetite during the dinner of seafood. Read the rest of this entry »




Featured in Vollongone: eat for breakfast too, what the locals eat, Part 2

Рисовая каша со свежими фруктами и миндалем ($ 15) - популярный выбор в Ли Эн Ми.

Among the many tourists, visiting Vullongon, многие любят насладиться завтраком в кафе Diggies, located in a historic building on North Beach, submitted to the World Heritage list. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Vollongon is the perfect place for those, who are looking for a vacation on the East coast without the hustle and bustle

Want to live next to Sydney, but without the hustle and bustle? Swim in the beautiful deserted beaches and the ocean while enjoying world-class infrastructure of the modern metropolis? Read the rest of this entry »

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