Where in the Goldfields are the best places with a rich past of the region, ч2


A unique trip to Sovereign Hill.

So, where the Victorian Gold fields / Goldfields are the best places, to soak the rich past of the region?



• Sovereign Hill, Ballarat: one of Victoria's most popular attractions. Read the rest of this entry »




Your cheat sheet in the Goldfields region of Victoria

Spend some time, exploring the Goldfields region of Victoria.

This area once produced a large portion of the world's Gold. But the Victorian Gold fields / Goldfields, located about an hour's drive from Melbourne, Read the rest of this entry »

Тредбо: Как дешево убежать с восточного побережья

If winter spoil your mood, and you can't afford a complete rest, try this. Фото: Kirilly Schwartz

In the past three weeks, rain on the East coast of Australia was never stops. Read the rest of this entry »

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