Melbourne is the city, which Australians most want to visit 2015 Year


Adelphi Hotel, Мельбурн Sunbathers Ryan Beale and Jenny Shepherd visited the rooftop pool at the Adelphi Hotel (Adelphi Hotel). Photos: Eugene Hyland.

Excuse me, Sydney. You have beaches and nightlife and world famous attractions, but you're not a city, who would like to visit most Australians in 2015 Year. Figure out, which cities are at the top of the list …

You're thinking, wherever you go to relax for the weekend away from home? Can fly to Adelaide and visit the vineyards? Or head to Sydney and get sloppy at Bondi Beach.? A can do research museums in Canberra?

None of these options made it into the top «wish list», which was compiled by the lastminute.com.au website, based on a survey of more than 4100 people, who were asked: which city of Australia they would most like to visit this year.

Number one on the list went to the cultural and business capital of Australia, City of Melbourne.



«This city is the best destination for most respondents», says a spokesperson for the aforementioned site, Louise Ryan. «No matter, that the budget will be the maximum, they are ready to shop till they fall, late at night drinking espresso with a martini in some city bar on the roof of the hotel, or lazily spend the day over a cup of coffee, watching passers-by on one of the secluded streets of the city.»

So, Here's the full «wish list»

1. Melbourne, Victoria
2. Perth, Western Australia
3. Hobart, Tasmania
4. Sydney, New South Wales
5. Darwin, N.T.
6. Brisben, Квинсленд
7. Adelaide, South Australia
8. Канберра, ACT (Australian Capital Territory)

About, why Melbourne comes first, read the second part of this article:
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