The golden rules of conduct for tourists during the flight, Part 2


Эрика Голден, the editor of the website the golden rules of travelers. Photo: Эрика Голден.Erica Golden



The editor of the website "golden rules of travelers» Erica Golden, continues to give tips on how to properly behave decent tourists in plane, to avoid causing a negative reaction from others and not to spoil anyone's mood. Start of article here. Read the rest of this entry »

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The golden rules of conduct during flight

You don't want to get a reaction, as this!

Armrest Crusher. Slow movers. People, that go grab your place, careening past…

The flight is quite painful due to those, who violates not written rules for air transport. Read the rest of this entry »

Аэропорт Аделаиды, Adelaide Airport

Аэропорт Аделаиды (Adelaide Airport) - The main airport of Adelaide, State of South Australia. The airport is located in the suburb of West Beach, about 8 km from the city center.

Although the actual owner of the airport is the federal government, его оператор — независимая структура Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL). Adelaide Airport is the fifth largest domestic and sixth place in international passenger traffic in Australia, serving more than 5.8 million passengers a year.

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