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Port Douglas pays great attention to local culture, Ch4


All Aboriginals support the Festival "underground gourmet" in Is. Gary, one of the participants of the event, Said, that invitation to non-indigenous people to participate is an important part of the process.



During primary night view, a traditional smoking ceremony, accompanied by lively dance. Read the rest of this entry »




Why you simply must visit this Australian resort: Focus on local traditions, H. 3

One of the brightest events in Port Douglas - It is a Festival of local culture.

David, my driver, came here from a suburb of Melbourne 30 years ago and never came back. Read the rest of this entry »

Why you simply must visit this Australian resort, Ch. 2

Casual waterfall near your hotel number. Photos: News Corp Australia

Wherever you looked everywhere you are surrounded by huge Palm trees, that make you feel, that you are playing a major role in the Beverly Hillbillies is restarted 90210, but only after deducting all boksofonirovannyh 30-year-olds.

Even an hour's drive from Cairns Airport to Port Douglas stuns with its beauty. Endless broad hills on the north side of the road and the vast ocean to the East.

But in contrast to Bondi or Coogee in the summer months, we pass by a lot of mile coast and barely see a living soul on the sand.. I say, that you can see only two or three families on a particular stretch of sand, and even then only in peak season, beaches here so much, that everyone can afford to dissipate.

Photos: Sheraton is simply magnificent.

The whole region looks like this, as if this Photoshop. Each wide green hill and rainforest tree look a little more green, than we have at home, and the ocean and two hectares of marine lagoon pools look more blue, What should.

It is therefore not surprising, what, lately, went to a tendency to displacement in Cairns from other parts of the country and as a result, many here remain and prefer not to return.

Chrissy, Director of marketing and communications at the hotel, moved here from Brighton in the UK, and says, that will forever end the danger of public transport (now she goes every day to and from work on a bike), and firmly on the, that beer in far North Queensland is much better, than beer in Australia. ("Cold just passes through the throat and stays there").

Extension: Why you simply must visit this Australian resort, H. 3
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