‘South Australia’

Best coffee house in Queensland and South Australia , Part 3


Zucchini fritters in Café "corner shop" at Tuvonge. Photo: Mark Krenich.




1. John Mills ' Own Persona, Brisben
The cafe in the evening, actually becomes a cocktail bar. Two in one! Read the rest of this entry »




Пять лучших удаленных ресторанов в Австралии: «Пайперс в Пенола», Part 2

Блюдо из утки.

Duck dish at the restaurant "Pipers in Penola».

4. Pipers restaurant in Penola» – Penola, South Australia

One of the most remote from our list of restaurants located away from big cities, and you will be pleasantly surprised, how good is "Pipers from Penola» Read the rest of this entry »

Секретные кемпинги Австралии, Part 3

Вильпена Паунд, Южная Австралия.

Villepin Pound. Photo: George Sharp. Source: Flickr.

6. Camping Icarus Safaris (Ikara Safari Camp), Villepin Pound, South Australia

Forget wild sleepovers, why don't you go to bed in a big double bed, the spacious camping tents Read the rest of this entry »

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