Is it worth to visit the famous resort El Questo in Kimberley?


Is it worth to visit the famous resort Kimberly El Questo?



This Australian resort attracts tens of thousands of visitors per year. But whether this is consistent with a raised profile? Read the rest of this entry »




Jervis Bay – most unappreciated paradise in Australia, Part 3

На кого смотрит Ру?  Фото: Кейт Шнайдер

Jervis Bay is also a naval base of the Royal Australian NAVY Creswell / Creswell, and all the surrounding water area of the seabed is dotted with ships, After the sunken shipwrecks, including such, as Korangamit, Hajv and Merimbule. Read the rest of this entry »

Deadly snakes

Deadly snakes (Acanthophis) (Barbed snake) - Genus of Australian snakes are venomous, which are among the most poisonous snakes on the planet.

There are 3 main types of deadly snakes (Two more are controversial, so-as not fully understood):

* Acanthophis antarcticus или гадюкообразная смертельная змея.
* Acanthophis praelongus new-guinea, or a deadly snake.
* Acanthophis pyrrhus или огненная смертельная змея.

Acanthophis antarcticus or gadyukoobraznaya deadly snake is widely distributed on the coastal islands, but not found in the central deserts and the coldest parts of the south-east Australia, This is Victoria, New South Wales and the island of Tasmania. Смертельная змея Acanthophis antarcticus занимает 10 place in the world of poisonous snakes among the terrestrial.

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