Казуары (Casuarius Brisson) – the only genus of large flightless birds of the family kazuarovyh, Neg. казуарообразных, living in tropical forests in north-eastern Australia. His name cassowary received from the Indonesian language, translated from the cassowary which means «horned head».

Cassowaries belong to a subclass of birds ratites, which belong to the same emu, rhea, Ostriches, moa and kiwi. At present, the genus includes the cassowaries 3 subspecies:

* Shlemonosny cassowary – Casuarius Casuarius



* Cassowary-muruk – Casuarius bennetti

* Oranzhevosheyny cassowary – Casuarius unappendiculatus

Cassowaries are found in tropical forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia. Ranges of all 3 species partially overlap, Although different subspecies of cassowaries avoid meetings, preferring to settle in different areas.

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Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus)- Aquatic mammals monotremes, platypus on a number of features similar to reptiles, habitat of the platypus – Australia.

Platypus - a unique animal, and is one of the symbols of Australia, the platypus is shown in 20 cent Australian coin.

A quarter-century, scientists could not decide, which include the platypus - a mammal, birds, reptiles or even to a single class, while in 1824 г. German biologist Meckel not found, that the platypus did have breasts and the female nurses pups milk. That, that the platypus lays eggs, been proved only in 1884 г.G

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The city of Canberra, Canberra

The Australian city of Canberra (Canberra) - The capital of the Commonwealth of Australia, the city is located in the northern part Australian Capital Territory in 280 km south-west of Sydney and 650 km north-east of Melbourne, with a population of more than 334 thousand people.

Канберра – prosperous city, is the largest city in Australia, inland, rather than on the coast.
In 1908 , the territory of modern Canberra was chosen as the future capital of the Commonwealth of Australia, which was a compromise between competing among themselves for this status of the country's two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne.
The basis of design of Canberra went to the concept of a garden city, implying large areas of natural vegetation, Australians because of what was called the capital of "capital-hedge" (bush capital).

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