Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet S

18 June, 2014


Review of Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablet S: Quick, durable, easy to use and most likely, Apple nervously smokes on the sidelines.

Самсунг Galaxy Tab S

Samsung Expands its lineup of top models, the release in New York of the Galaxy Tab S so, to win planshetnuju war.

The first tablet computer, as we remember, appeared four years ago.

He weighed 730 g – about the same, how much does the average Bible, had the thickness 1.3 cm, and was quite suitable as a weapon.

New premium Tablet Samsung shows, how far advanced technology.

Tablet Tab S so thin, that it looks even as some sort of optical illusion.
It is difficult to imagine, that its battery can be hidden in the bowels of this contraption, total thickness 6.6 mm.

Besides, 8,4-inch model, weighs less than, than a Novella, paperback. It easily fits in a purse, a small backpack or even your Pocket pants.

In short, It will not strain your wrist, When reading a book, magazine or newspaper with its screen.

Its Super AMOLED display also has a high-definition, It gives the best sharpness and clarity of an image, currently received in tablets.
Samsung describes it as screen 2, because it has a high resolution in combination with full HD.

He also excels in pixel density model of the Apple-branded IPad Retina.
Even at close range, you hardly notice the additional pixels your naked eye, but you'll definitely notice the difference between this tablet screens compared with senior Samsung models. The text looks especially clear.

At the same time the Tablet Tab S very durable, Despite its thin and elegance.
Its surface made of plastic, which resembles the metal, as the model Galaxy S5, the rear part of the Tablet has a special plastic vpadinki for, so it does not vyskalzyval out of hand, that allows even wave the Tablet around-we made it, to check!



Tablet Tab S possesses the most impressive software among all existing phone models Samsung – This Side Sync 3.0.

In practice,, It is very easy to use.

After downloading an application on a smartphone Galaxy, you open it a duplicate application on the Tablet and connect them using a direct Wi-Fi Direct connections.

Phone screen appears in miniature on the screen of the Tablet, to modify its settings, and get him to use the full screen Tablet for a set of SMS-messages or answer incoming phone calls.

This function is also very legkok file sharing. Phone Gallery, You can select the video and move it with your finger on the screen of the Tablet, to download it.

Check the speed of the Tablet without loading its applications pretty hard, but the Tab (S) in New York really fast, aided by his 8 processors and 3 GB RAM.

Adding fingerprint scanner, no doubt, It brings to business users, but his split-screen mode multitasking is just very useful function.

but, not all Tab S suit. They, who does not appreciate the rich shades screens from Samsung Super AMOLED, or those, who doesn't like the look of the menu TachViz, jarlyky and widgets, unlikely to be fans of this device.

Its price, According to rumors, equal to approximately $ 600, While this is not yet confirmed.

A growing number of owners of smartphones Samsung and Android system fans, that you create a premium Tablet, likely, gladly will accept the emergence of a new Tab S, maybe even embraced so close, that it will make Apple nervous.




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