A simple trick: How to speed up your phone

30 May, 2014


If you want to, Some applications to your Android-device worked faster, is there a simple way to do this.

Users of Android, do not be upset because, the speed of applications on the latest models in the models Apple IOS systems higher than theirs. There is a simple way to increase the speed of their mobile phones or tablets.

You can use flexible software Android operating system, and get access to some of the built-in settings, to expedite your gadget – one of which is time, necessary for opening and closing or switching between applications and Windows.

You don't have to mess with any versions of data or complete their cleanup, which may clog up and slow down the system, but it will seem, as if your gadget is much faster.

For this you will need to access the «options for developers», sometimes hidden in menus depending on, What kind of phone you're using. For devices, using the system Android 4.2 or later you must do the following:

Go to settings then locate menu «About your phone "or" on device "

  • Scroll down, until you see the build number
  • Click on the build number seven times (After the third pressing, Android will start to countdown, How many clicks remains before, as options for developers will be included)
  • After that, How did you get into the seventh depression, you will receive a message «You are now!»

That's all. If you go to settings, the developer's settings will now be unavailable.

Speed change shift animations, to accelerate the work programmes.



Well, Here's, all broke., and you expect? We warned.


Ok, go ahead.

Now go to settings and scroll developers, until you find three settings:

  • Window zoom animation / Window animation scale
  • the scale of the transition animations / Transition animation scale
  • the scale of the Animator / Animator scale

This menu can be found either on the main screen options for developers or within an extended / Advanced "submenu.

For now, If you click on each item of these settings, you will notice, that they are installed in position x 1; #8217 & ‘. To accelerate devices simply modify each of these three parameters on ’0 .5 x ‘. Finish!

Now you should notice quicker transition between applications, and it will not affect the performance of battery discharge. This trick is similar to cheat, but nevertheless, the difference in speed is noticeable.

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