Get acquainted with your computer

18 April, 2019


If you bought your computer, but he has for you a very complex technique, and you don't know, How to use this information will be very useful for you.

Let's try to explain it to you simply and easily, how to use it and what its essence robots. I will do it in a very simple and understandable language.

Let's talk about personal computers. Touch laptops, Netbooks, we won't be tablets yet.

Now for all the computer has become a part of their daily lives. And that was largely due to that, that the internet has appeared. After all, that's where a lot of people now spend most of their time. And because of this, the computer is not only a means for us to work, but also the entertainment center.

Now let's talk about, What is the computer itself.



1. System unit. This mailbox, which is the most important part of the computer. There are all the main boards, This is the brain of the computer.

2. Monitor. Or as it is can be called — tv. On it you can see the, What is happening now in the system. And without it, the computer is just a pile of iron, confused with almost no.

3. Computer keyboard. You can use your keyboard to enter information into the computer.

4. Mouse. You can say, that this addition to the keyboard, without which it is almost impossible to work. Because it helps you work faster.

5. Speakers. Without them, of course you can do, not only then, When you buy a computer, as a vehicle for entertainment. Because then you won't be able to watch movies or listen to music, play games.

The rest is simply a supplement to work. This is, For example, printer, modem, scanner or other device. And they need you or not, need to define only you. So that, First you will need to think, and then buy everything you need for your job.




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