Sydney – town near the bay

26 Январь, 2013


Documentary about Sydney, Located on the southeast coast of Australia.
Sydney – colonial first European settlement in Australia, which was built on the banks of a small creek - Sydney Cove ( Sydney cove), located in the middle of the bay unique extended Sydney Harbour - the southern branch of the Bay of Port Jackson, separated by a narrow strait from the Tasman Sea.

In what city was built south of the Sydney Harbor Bay, and then around, that was the reason, that Sydney is often called "near Bay City» ( The Harbour City).

Over time, the city built entirely covered the bay of Port Jackson, includes three bays - Sydney Harbour, Middle Bay (Middle Harbour) and North Bay (North Harbour).

Currently, Sydney has grown even more, and includes just south Botany Bay (Botany Bay) Tasman Sea.
Sydney – center of marine tourism in Australia.



In the film Sydney – City near bay tells of Sydney's water tours and itineraries.
Australia is considered one of the best surfing destinations in the world.

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