Страны, которые по-прежнему предлагают австралийцам дешевый отпуск, Part 3

20 March, 2015


Japan Stroll through the famous crossing Tokyo-Shibuya, before it becomes too expensive. Source: Getty Images


North America now pretty way to travel, but go South study.

«Mexico has long been a favorite hot spot for celebrities, and who can blame me for putting her on the Australian list! The Yucatan Peninsula is particularly accessible, Very picturesque looks and offers wonderful diving for scuba divers», said Gorman.


Australian dollar strengthens against yen, making Japan an even more attractive destination for travel.

«Japan has it all – gorgeous scenery, amazing shops and world-class skiing. Go there and you'll find, that thousands of Australians have already fallen in love with her», сказал он.


Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates have never been a cheap travel destination, But because of that, that the current AUD rate is pretty stable to dirham, Today may be the most beautiful time, to make your dream come true and go to the golden desert.



«Many flights, flying to Europe, stay in Dubai, but Dubai and Abu Dhabi are much more, than just stopping when flying - it's the direction! So highlight a few days from your travel itinerary, to explore shops and sand dunes», offers Gorman.

Cruises to the South Pacific

P&O-Cruises Consider a cruise in the South Pacific and, at least, Get your travel-price meals.

Why not go and discover the South Pacific by water? With the increase in the number of cruise ships, coming to Australia, competition in this industry is very tough, that helps keep cruise prices at an affordable level.
«In view of the, that the food is almost completely enabled, Cruise, absolutely, can be a wonderful holiday option and not greatly burden your budget», explains Gorman.



Now as well, like any other time, to travel around our own country.
«People all over the world dream of one wonderful day to visit our beautiful shores, but it can sometimes be quite difficult to assess something, that you have and many of us are in no hurry to spend money, to explore then, what's under our nose. So why not do it this year, and discover, that Australia has to offer everything, from county wines, up to our famous underwater wonders», offers Gorman.

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