Australia. 5 the most interesting places in Namadgi

3 Январь, 2016


This wonderful world of shrubs, breathtaking scenery and the ancient local culture is close to Canberra. Here the adventurer await Rocky ledges, to scramble or climb on a rope, fire trails for biking or walking on the wild woods in Bimberi. Lovers of antiquities will find settlements, petroglyphs and ritual construction, built of stone and left people from the tribe of Ngunnaval more than 21 a thousand years ago. And, you can walk in the footsteps of pastoralists and gold hunters or arrive by car to mount Cory, fishing trout streams in the overcrowded or skiing down snow slopes. Wildlife lovers will definitely will be greeted by a bright false Toad, kangaroo, wallaby, get acquainted with Australian snowy forests, marshes and Plains, covered with wild flowers.

Adventures in nature

For traveling on foot we recommend that you choose a Jerrabskij walking route, offering spectacular views of the harsh wilderness in Bimberi. This place belongs to the ecosystems in the Australian Alps, least experienced human impact. And, you can go through eucalyptus forests on a tourist trail Squire rock or join Rangers namadzhskim to walk with a guide on changing terrain. Riding a horse, worth the ride on the fire trail West of the Old Road Bobojan or National Bicentennial Equestrian Route. Walk along this road is good before, How to break up a small camp among thickets. And to experience the adrenaline rush, You can scramble or climb on a rope on a rocky ledge, jump with a parachute or fly a paraglider, go kayaking or to explore caves. This list will expand entertainment in winter skiing terrain in the mountains of Franklin and Dzhindzhera and party at prior's Hut.

Prehistoric traces of Aboriginal



To get acquainted with traces of prehistoric Aboriginal tribe Ngunnaval, who lived here during the time of the last glaciation, worth a visit are the ruins of their settlements with fossils and animal remains. You can still go down in the mine, where stone was mined for the manufacture of tools, as well as pass along the trail the Yankees Hat to explore petroglyphs in the cave. After attending mount Kelly, you will learn, where people from the tribe of Ngunnaval caught bogongskuju Mole, reminiscent of nuts to taste. And the top of Mount Namadgi interesting located on her ritual stone buildings. Not far from the sanctuary is Tidbinbilla Birigaj Half-way, built 21 000 years ago. It will lead you to the Birigaj Rock Sheltrer — an ancient Aboriginal cave in the city. In another famous cave, Mount bogong, Aboriginals extracted edible moth. Tidbinbilla mountain is a sacred place for the initiation ceremony young men Aboriginal. If you have the opportunity to take a tour, You can visit more than 50 locations Ngunnaval tribes in Namadgi.

From ranching and prospecting gold space monitoring stations

Before herders vypasali their flocks of sheep, bulls and cows herds on the Plains, where now only hosted the EMU and Kangaroo. The remaining even with 1830-ies fences, farmstead, huts and farms can tell a lot about ranching in these broad valleys. Also here you can see the remains of the Kiandrskoj golden road, in the 1860 's prospectors followed the Gandzhenbi River. Worth going to Orroralskoj walking trail, running between Apollo — the old space tracking station, and Honeysuckle Creek-the place, to receive the first pictures of Neil Armstrong on the surface of the Moon. This fact is pictured here on the Memorial Board. And with all the space achievements of Australians can be found, visiting deep space communication complex, Canberra, located near the sanctuary Tidbinbilla.

Natural diversity and abundance of wildlife

Passing on the Naas Valley route in Horse Gully Hut, you will find yourself in a huge natural reserve. There are a huge number of trees, which inhabit the nests in hollows and approximately 400 different species of Australian birds and animals. In Naas Creek you can catch fish not local — galaksiju. The lowlands are covered by conventional wide-Grove. In the uplands and ravines eucalyptus trees and fern. If you climb even higher, the encounter at ease grazing kangaroos and Wallabies. You can also see frosty hollows and yellow daisies, covering the heaths in the uplands, a look at the Australian Eagle and Kestrels, swirling in the air over meadows in search of prey. Beware-danger is occasionally down to the shirokozubye rats, bright pseudophryne and tautogi (black fish), living in swamps and floodplains among the valleys and Highlands.

Travel to mountain camping

Following TU-Styx road, which crosses the mountain range Brindanelly, you will find yourself on Mount Cory, offering a wonderful panoramic view. Journey through the shallower the way Annie Treil Road will lead you to the opustevshemu camp near the river Gudradigbi. To Bendorskoj dam can be reached, moving on the road of Mount Franklin road before turning to Bendora road. Road, passing through the northern part of the reserve, ideal for drive. Go to Korinskoj dam, to master the steep climb, following the route Stokjard-sper. And if you have a van or tent, It's worth heading to camp Hanisaklskij, located near the space monitoring station Honeysuckle Creek. Another option is to break camp at Orroral Campground, moving along the route Hjeritejdzh Orroral Walking Track. At Mount clear Campground starts walking from Naas Valley to Horse Gully Hut.




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