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6 Август, 2015


Национальный Дендрарий, Канберра, Австралия.

National Arboretum a wonderful place, to drink a cup of coffee with a wonderful view.

National Arboretum

At first glance, this sounds like something designed for oldies. But actually it's a pretty impressive place. National Arboretum, one of the Canberra's newest attractions – This beautiful park, built on the site of a former demolitions, occur during bushfires in Canberra in 2003 year.

Here were again planted hundreds of plants, but, What's even more impressive visitor center at the top of the Hill is opening from here impressive views of the city.

New Acton

Obtaining rights to redevelop the city is very difficult and hard process. Melbourne Docklands company (Docklands) initially came under harsh criticism for the, that created a soulless ghost village. Still, in the end,, having won the tender for landscaping fenced territory New Acton Canberra company proved, that she was completely right.



The main highlight of this place is the aforementioned "Hotel", but you will also find here a lot of residential buildings, trade, Office buildings and some of the best restaurants and cafes in Canberra.

Afternoon snack

Полдник в отеле Хаят, Канберра.

The famous snack, Hyatt's restaurant combines modernity and tradition.

Early dense tea or high tea recently again becomes fashionable in Australia, Thanks to our tesnim British relations and Canberra in this trend is no exception. Here there are many establishments offering fine popoldnichat, but one of the best in the city is recognized as a traditional afternoon tea at Hyatt.

Staff dressed famous uniforms for the game of golf would send you sandwiches with cucumbers, buns and cakes with a glass of sparkling.

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