Канберра сегодня стала притягательным для туристов городом Австралии

5 Август, 2015


The lobby is very popular, new-fashioned Hotel Canberra hotel Hotel».

Canberra has long been a target of many jokes and a PEAR for whipping for more distinguished Australian cities.

«Boring», «No personality», «Place, to resign», journey here always compared, as a trip to grandmother's House.

However, in recent years much has changed in the capital city of Australia.

Could be, Canberra really became attractive for tourism city? While the Australians themselves assiduously avoided this place, Canberra is gradually destroying his negative image and calmly came to the fore as a modern, original town, that you actually would like to visit.

How Canberra has become an attractive place for tourism.




Formerly only spot for car manufacturing, the District today has become the epicentre of Braddon, Canberra's attractiveness. Stilyagi persistently bother, to bring the Funk style restaurants, bars and cafés in the area, such as "86" and "Italian & Sons».

This former village filled with shops of top brands and food Street. Route your way through BrodDog, Spit Shak, Chasing, Mr Morris, and similar institutions.

Eightysix is one of the most stylish new restaurants in Canberra. Source: Facebook


The famous 68-room hotel Hotel looks so, as if this building is moved here from the Meatpacking District in New York. His incredible design, product Bektara brothers Jefkapridisov and Jonathan brought to Canberra acuteness and sophistication.

Hotel is located in the New Acton, in its lobby bar "Monster" – Place, where to drink, constantly filled with young hippies, as in Ulee zhuzhzhashhem with bees. The hotel has a rather complex structure with an eclectic mix of furniture and objects of art within.

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