Featured in Vollongone: eat for breakfast too, what the locals eat, Part 2

1 November, 2016


Рисовая каша со свежими фруктами и миндалем ($ 15) - популярный выбор в Ли Эн Ми.

Among the many tourists, visiting Vullongon, многие любят насладиться завтраком в кафе Diggies, located in a historic building on North Beach, submitted to the World Heritage list.

Try the firm Berry Good PJ-berries mixed with yogurt, low-fat and pineapple juice for $ 8 with ocean views.

They, who has already jogging or take a dip in the water the morning surf can refuel a healthy breakfast called Muesli Izgolodavshegosja Athlete with watermelon and Mint ($ 14). However, order, who is not particularly concerned about your weight, you can offer a sample stack of Buttermilk Pancakes with lush for $ 19,50.

Utensils for dinner with crab paste, Linguine, Chile and tomato sauce, летний салат с лососем, овощами и вареным яйцом, plus fresh coconut.

But, It is advisable to come early. After 9 am there will be a queue.



Breakfast lovers in zaskakivajut Whether the usually En Mi on Crown Street, and while relocating «rush hour», whiled away the time at the table directly on the sidewalk.

Whether Al Mi on Crown Street is a former terraced house. Tables are right on the sidewalk.

This former terraced house 1890 year serves a café Campos, the owners of which are partially responsible for the bloom across the city coffee house, and teach everyone to open their own establishments.

Thus, This is a good place, where can I get a dose of caffeine. Healthy food lovers will be happy from the rice porridge, fresh fruits and almonds ($ 15), Although it is generally the most popular early breakfast is Eggs Benedict by leaps and bounds ($ 15).

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