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14 Ноябрь, 2016


Тематический парк Паучья Воронка.

Enjoy those, as a huge Spider sucks you into the Funnel their lair.

Half an hour's drive south of Wollongong is hidden in the mountains near Budderu National Park, theme park attractions, a ride in which you, It's possible, seem initially no use having no idea, but that is only until you turn the corner and not see the multicolored roller coaster Jamberoo, Nestling in the Valley.

The Park bears no resemblance to the flashy Vet En Wild (Wet ‘(N)’ Wild) in the western area of Sydney, but there are many   things to do, especially for the little ones. Local attractions might not such high and give less thrill, but they you will remember for a long time, and it means, that you are in the right place.

Be sure to visit the Park Funnel Web, ticket that provides the ability to log in and test all of its rides four  .

You'll hurtle at high speed, shouting and circling the huge funnel, and at the end of it you vypljunet in the pool with water.

Some of the rides are surprisingly fast.



You can also take a ride on the fast-flowing river with a length of almost 1 km in   pretty relaxing an inflatable   bobsled, that is delivered to the starting place using scenic chair lift.

Also in the park there is a swimming pool with artificial waves and a Aqua playground, but still the best attraction is one of the easiest: Super speed water slides on the hillside.

Official website of the Park: jamberoo.net

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