Featured in Vollongone: Try one of the best burgers of Australia, ч5

18 November, 2016


Fat Boy Burger $ 13.

Restaurant Elroy and Son (His Boy Elroy) is the joint estate and at the same time part of the impressive scenery in one of the alleys in Wollongong.

The restaurant is located in a pretty dark, but at the same time an attractive location, Here the open pipe open kitchen, combined with high and low chairs and tables with candles in jam jars, and a cute bar, where local beer and cocktails are served.

You will immediately be offered a tea cocktail with vodka called His Wife Jane, who will be your pleasant companion at that time, while you're browsing the menu, which includes a list of dishes such as pork chop, chicken, prawns in breadcrumbs, Hamburger, plus curry, Salad, noodles or any other dish.

But the Fat Boy burger is behind $ 13, that was recognized by the 11-m of the best in Australia on the website a list of cities, This is the main, Why do people come here.



Thick beef cutlet, packaged in muffin, offered with a sheet of headed cabbages, cheese and pickles. This is all flavoured with a secret recipe completely made special sauce, as we assume it includes mustard and ketchup, and you can try later, If you want to.

Ресторан Элрой и Сын (His Boy Elroy).

Very cool, paved lane peace. Source: The Daily Telegraph.

The cobbled Street Globe Lane, in the coolest place in Wollongong, under the graphite murals, decorating the building you can find a kind and not expensive confectionery.

Elroy and Son restaurant website (His Boy Elroy): hisboyelroy.com.au

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