Featured in Vollongone: Dinner overlooking the harbour at sunset, Part 3

8 November, 2016


Воллонгонгская гавань на закате.

The harbor at sunset-a wonderful view from the restaurant Bombore.

Watch returned to harbor the fishing vessel Vollongongskuju and its unloading, in this sleepy place such moments are event, and it is also unmistakable way to raise your appetite during the dinner of seafood.


And if you want to get something more, than the usual fish and chips, climb on the second storey of the restaurant Bombore, the far end of which is the best place, to dine with magnificent views.

Light and airy with an open kitchen, all the regulars, coming here, usually order a bucket of shrimp with salt and chili pepper and squid. Oysters ($ 25 per dozen) and ploskogolovyj in Breading were excellent.

Коктейль из морепродуктов.

Seafood cocktail. Restaurant Bombore - This is the perfect place, where you can dine with appetite.

If you require something more substantial, order assorted hot and cold seafood for two ($ 140) including champagne: lobster, crabs, Mussels with chilli pepper, Ginger and garlic with rice side dish and a mixture of fish fillet, squid, King prawns and smoked salmon.




Pizza-restaurant menu Nousbich Pavilion, in 1930-ies there was a locker room for bathers, which over the years evolved into a restaurant on the coast.

It offers a wonderful view of the long strip of waterfront, with the expanse of blue sea, and in combination with a wood-burning oven, This place is very popular among local.

With seats, situated overlooking the beach, sitting here you can watch surfers at sunset or watch the pizzas.

Pork brisket with olives and pine nuts, that in these parts are one of the most unusual side dishes are simply delicious, but you can order a half portion, If you don't want to go too far in this case. We had in mind dish called Diavola, with salami and chilli oil, with olives and anchovies.

But don't forget to leave room for dessert: There are Italian doughnuts, many flavors of ice cream, including for adults, more all deserve attention affogato (which of course it is best to order from Frangeliko).

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