Why Vollongon is the perfect place for those, who are looking for a vacation on the East coast without the hustle and bustle

25 October, 2016


Want to live next to Sydney, but without the hustle and bustle? Swim in the beautiful deserted beaches and the ocean while enjoying world-class infrastructure of the modern metropolis? Well, then we suggest you try to go to "Gon", just an hour's drive South.

Vollongon is the gateway to the South Coast, There's plenty of options, things to do and there are shops with delicious and appetitnejshimi food and drink.

The road there from Sydney passes through the Royal National Park and part of the great Pacific Road (Grand Pacific Drive), that offer breathtaking views of the coast and the place, you want to be sure to take a picture – Морской Скальный Мост (Sea Cliff Bridge).

Stunning Sea Cliff bridge between Stenvell Park and Scarborough, to the North of Vollongona. Photo: Nick Gibson

Walks, bathing and the absence of crowds of divers

In the Illawarra many great surf beaches with clean sand and here nobody shouts "weekend break".

Locals will tell you where to go from Vollongona, to be on a deserted Beach, For example, try Koaldejl or Austinmer North.



But the majority of Sydneysiders who swarm into feel «overcrowded» (According to local) the main beaches of North Wollongong city Beach and totally deserted..

One of the parachutists obljubovannyh points.

In Stewart Park on Cliff road based Club Celestial Divers of Australia and you won't have to wait too long, to see the parachute tandem or a couple coming down from the heights 14000 feet. If you feel brave enough, can join.

If you like to swim at long distance, then your best bet would be 50 metre salt-water pool outdoors, built in 1920-ies, which is adjacent to the harbour wall to the South from the northern beach.

However, If you do not want to pay, then head to the nearby free Rocky pool.

Голубая Миля (The Blue Mile) -This training track Vollongona for runners and cyclists, It goes from North Beach, along the harbor and the lighthouse on the Cape, but those wishing to just walk there also allowed.

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Extension: Featured in Vollongone: eat for breakfast too, what the locals eat. >>

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