Тредбо или как дешево избавиться от дождливой погоды восточного побережья, ч4

15 Апрель, 2017


Nights in Thredbo is pretty cool, so you don't have to choose between sweating or battle with mosquitoes. Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

Honestly, There is nothing better, than the climb up the Hill, To do so, to forget and lose all stress and fatigue from your usual routine work / family / life.

In fact, the world largely ceases to exist as, as you look ahead and see, that you have to overcome even more steps to hanging over the top after you next turn.

As soon as you pass the rise, the rest of the route you will overcome much easier. Most good, that on the track under your feet slightly grids installed raised above marshy places, so you will not have the slightest chance to wet your socks.

Evening sunset, a relaxed eating and drinking. Photo: Kirilly Schwartz

It doesn't matter, in what city you live, stunning attractions are just the bottom path from here.

From Brisbane you will be readily available in sunny beach and Stradbroke Island. From Sydney – The blue mountains and Hunter Valley. From Melbourne – Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road / Great Ocean Road.



From Adelaide, Flinders and Perth – Margaret River region, Darwin, Kakadu and Litchfield, as well as Hobart, surrounded by national parks.

Dvuhsutochnogo mini break is more than enough, to feel fresh again, and the best is, that it is much cheaper, than suffer from rain and save up for the trip abroad.

And by the way, the foregoing applies not only to the inhabitants of Australia, but international tourists may well take this experience into service, to the two-day trip to Thredbo to diversify as much as possible his "green continent".

Kirilly Schwartz paid for his trip to Thredbo. Why you do not?

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